About Us

Hi, Welcome to LG Styles!

LG Styles grew organically out of a group of friends’ shared passion for high-quality leather products and their backgrounds in the textile industry. We place just as much value on customer service as we do on staying on top of trends and are proud to work with manufacturers and suppliers around the world to bring handcrafted leather products to your doorstep. (Literally.)

We’re Proud to be a Small Business

Our ethos has everything to do with being a small business. While we’re always looking for opportunities to evolve and are keen to expand our product range, we’re dedicated to interacting with and treating our customers like individuals. What’s more, we don’t have a big, fat marketing budget to hide behind. We don’t have 24 hour call centres that will put you on hold until you give up.

Being a small business allows us to be transparent. It allows us to produce high-quality leather goods, and nothing else. Best of all, it allows us to form genuine relationships with customers just like you.

We Have High Social and Ethical Standards

Our leather comes from Scottish sheep and all of our products are manufactured ethically in India. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts. Instead, we believe in forming strong, positive relationships with all of our suppliers. The result? Leather products that are carefully crafted to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

We Take The Experience of Shopping Online Seriously

We don’t have a storefront, so e-commerce is our bread and butter. That means we really understand how important the start-to-finish experience of shopping online is.  This includes everything, from making the site itself easy to navigate to offering free shipping worldwide.

How are we doing? We’d love to hear from you.